Monday, April 28, 2008

weekly training log 4/28 to 5/4

MON 4/28
super low energy today at work. i don't know what's up i ate alot and went to bed early and barely ran yesterday. ??? so i'm not going to run today. alison and i decided friday to go back to winthrop for another race(this time the sunflower 22m) and to check out the place we're hoping to move into in a couple weeks.

TUE 4/29
biked to and from work and cut the grass but i had no desire to run despite the nice weather-- again was super low energy at work.

WED 4/30
today i ate a lot more and had more energy at work but by the time i was home i was poop'd. i tried to run anyhow but quit after 2 miles. i hope i don't have the "never ending" sickness that has been circualting all year. biked to and from work.

THR 5/1 biked to work and to the run and back to town after. the run went great! i had lots of energy and felt strong on the climbs and had fun. 4 or 4.5 miles 0:34

FRI 5/2
no running today

SAT 5/3
sunflower 21.7m 2;40:22 5th overall 4th in my age group(30-39 is no picnic)
for the most part felt good and ran fast but the last 4-5 miles were hard on me and i slowed down quite a bit, maybe i was still feeling the race 2 weeks ago or just as likely is that i haven't been training enough for a fast 20+ mile race.

SUN 5/4
20 miles 6 hours with the cannucks(sally marcellus, rob lang, rob francen and super mike o'grady) who all ran the sunflower also and were also staying at chris and dave's paradise ranch in winthrop. we did a mix of dirt road, trail, animal trail and ridgerunning on the opposite side of the methow river from the sunflower course. my legs were initally tired but after the first climb i felt great and stayed that way it was one of my favorite runs ever and will surely become a regular route once we move out there in less than 2 weeks!

WEEKLY SUMMARY 48 miles 9.5 hours

the week started out real crummy but by the end of the week i was feeling great save for the last 1/4 of the race.

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