Tuesday, April 15, 2008

weekly training log 4/14 to 4/20

MON 4/14
no running today but i did spend three hours doing trail work up in capitol forest.

TUE 4/15
alison and i ran the 8 mile lost (in the mud) valley loop in capitol forest 1:14
felt sluggish at first but by the halfway point felt great and stayed that way. alison suggested that i may need more carbs in my diet--i;ll give it a shot i've been feeling low energy on too many runs lately and besides i love to eat!

WED 4/16
more trail work toaday in cap forest. and i ran 3 fast miles(sub 7's).

THR 4/17
nice and easy 4 mile run with the group at priest point including the cliff. hopefully the legs will be ready for a fast 13 miler this saturday. winning times the past 3 years at the rattler have been in the mid to low 1:30s.

FRI 4/18
after the nearly 5 hour drive to winthrop i nearly imeadiately after arriving went over to the rattler course to run the only part i hadn't seen yet, the first four miles. i took the camera(i'll add pictures later) and took my time covering the distance in just over 40 minutes. there was snow patches up on the higher part of the loop that i post-holed thru. other than that and the decent amount of climb it wasn't any harder than i expected but still i figured it would be one the harder parts of the race especially since lately it's been taking me 3-4 miles just to shake the rust off the legs. the rest of the evening was fun hanging out with alison and chris at her house just a couple miles from the race course.

SAT 4/19
rattler trail 1/2 marathon 1:34 (1st place)
everything felt great after finally "warming up" around mile 4

SUN 4/20
alison and i explored some of the winthrop trails. we took our time for about 10 miles and 3 hours.

42 miles 8ish hours
if you win a race it must have been a really good week

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