Sunday, May 17, 2009

knee update and twisp river fun short report

hey everyone

i just wanted to let you all know that the ol' knee was just fine today on the twisp river 60k! it ached a bit for the first 4 miles or so but then was totally fine the rest of the way--even when i "tested" it on a few steep downhills.

the run in general was a big success, 5 starters and 5 finishers. we all stuck together for pretty much the whole way and a had good time. great weather although a little hot (in the 80s) and super views from lookout ridge at 5000ft!

Friday, May 15, 2009

life in flux

hi everyone

i was reminded recently that it's been too long since i bloged, even though she has only blogged once (and only 6 measly words...) since i last blogged 2.5 months ago.

anyhow life has been topsy turvey since that last post and unfortunately so has my running. but as the title of my blog says "no chumpatizin'!" so no excueses...

although i do have a good one. my left knee has been hurting for the last 3 weeks, ever since the capitol peak 50 miler. i was only going to run the 55k but mid-race i choose to "super size" up to the 50miler instead. the reason i was only going to do the 55k was because i felt i hadn't trained enough yet this year to be ready for a 50. but i was feeling so good and felt like i had a shot at winning or atleast top 3 so i went for it despite better judgement. so since then my knee has been achy but usally not until after few(3-8) miles of running and never really painful just achy and abviously not right. i'm not sure what it is, it could be shoes with too many miles, maybe i have worn down all my cartilage, maybe i've torn or strained a ligament or tendon, or maybe it's not my knee at all but tight quads (or other muscles)...or maybe it's all in my head... anyhow it's definitely making for some sporadic and poor quality training.

another excuse is my life outside of running has been complicated, confusing, and disorienting while at the same time illuminating, changing, and liberating. it is what is and it's all for the best but it has created lots of indecision, distraction, and maybe procrastination. could i be any more vague...

also race directing can get in the way of good training. but it was fun and the race was a big success.

and my other two jobs have been keeping me busy too! bear fight is now paying me to be there which is super cool and soon the results of my first project will be published-- i'll be published!!

and i've decided to not renew my lease on my house. it's been a great house and it's in a really good spot and i was about to plant my first garden since 2004 but since alison moved out i just can't afford the rent by myself. so i just bought a giant tent and i'm going to camp (and house-sit some too) for the summer! i'll have two camps: one on the river just a couple miles up from where i've been living and the other up at 8000ft on tiffany mountain, which is about a 30 minute drive from town and a 2.5 mile run from the trailhead but it'll be we'll worth the "commute".

ok i know i said no excuses and no chumpatizing... so i'll try to stick to the positive which there is a lot (eventhough i often overlook it) and i'll keep my head up and hopefully my feet flying down the trails...