Monday, March 31, 2008

weekly training log 3/31 to 4/6

ok so i'm not sure if i'll stick to this exact format but i'd like to track my weekly and daily training online not to show off but to actually keep me from chumpatizin' myself. i often get hurt by racing too much or too intensly with out doing the proper training first-- it's a mixed blessing to be able to not run a step for 3 months and then run a decent time at 50k right off the couch. so hopefully by broadcasting my personal training life to blogworld i'll be more consistent with my training.

after dnfing at plain this past september i began to train for 2008 with hardrock specifically in mind(like every other year since i first found out about that wonderful race). alison bought me a copy of jack daniel's book and i started following after running a couple 5ks to determine my fitness level. i did a pretty good job of sticking to the daniles plan with an april marathon as my target race(note: until further notice hardrock will always be my ultimate target race and all other training and so called target races are merely part of a bigger hardrock trainign plan) until i got sick this winter. it was the same thing that everyone seemed to be getting but i seemed to get it worse, i eventually went to the doctor it was that bad. anyhow it kept me from running for three weeks and then when i felt better i raced too soon and had a setback with a few more weeks with little or no running. and then it orcas time and i was doing the race director thing way more than the race runner thing. and then there was one little thing after another and the next thing i knew it was almost april and i was barely running much less in prime shape for a road marathon. so i switched gears and decided to do diez vista instead and not race it just run it for training. but now i don't even want to do that. i have had two very good running weeks the last two weeks but that's just two weeks. so instead i'll do 13 mile trail race two weeks from now and keep slowly building towards hardrock in july. ok with that said....

MON 3/31
0:30 mins 3.5 miles mix of road and trail legs felt good despite all the running the last two weeks.
2:00 20-25 mile bike ride
0:30 5 mile bike ride to and from massage

TUE 4/1
rode bike to and from work total mileage: 5
ran 30 mins cooper crest out and back legs felt horrible so i only ran 30mins instead of an hour. legs were tight, tired and painful-- pain in achilles and left shin went away after 15 mins.

WED 4/2
ran 1:22 about 9 miles with alison. mix of trail and road. legs were very tired but no pain. i had thought about doing the track workout out but that would've been silly.

THUR 4/3
i had to work late so no group run for me. it was probably good to have the day off from running eventhough it was definitely a hard 12hr day of work.

FRI 4/4
i think i ran just an out and back to cooper crest 30mins 3.5 miles.

SAT 4/5
did the hells loop with herb which is 16 miles i think. i felt pretty good and did it in 2:34 which is pretty decent considering the mudslide and all the down trees.

SUN 4/8
ran 7 miles in an hour with alison at millersylvania in the morning. my legs felt better than they had all week --pretty much back normal. and then in the afternoon did 30 mins/3.5 miles with joe(out and back to cooper crest). felt real good on that run too.

well for my first blog week i guess i did ok. the prior two weeks were pretty big with multiple 2-a-days for the first time in my running career. with the low mileage this week i think my legs have bounced back now and will be ready to race next weekend.

here we go!!!

my first blog... i'm sure there will be a day that i'll look back on these first few blog entires and be amazed at my innocence and ignorance of the blog world. but oh well here we go!

i don't think i'll write a huge thing about what my blog is about because i really don't know what it'll end up being. i like how tony krupicka does his weekly and daily mileage and run details. and i like how devon crosby "stills nash young" helms blogs (including great photos) of all her delicous meals. and i like how alison brings up big heavy topics for everyone to ponder. so i guess i'll try to steal everyone's methods and make them into my blog.

oh and the title comes from King of Kong the documentary on the battle of good vs. evil in the pursuit of the world record in donkey kong. the line comes when the good guy is about to give up and let the bad guys win: steve, the good guy, is talked out of "chumpatizin' himself" by mr awesome. it's the best line in one of the best films i've seen in a long, long time-- you should rent it or buy it (i watched it three times in the theater and a bunch on dvd) check out the movie's website at:

ok everyone hold on tight and don't chumpatize yourself the blogging has begun!