Monday, March 31, 2008

here we go!!!

my first blog... i'm sure there will be a day that i'll look back on these first few blog entires and be amazed at my innocence and ignorance of the blog world. but oh well here we go!

i don't think i'll write a huge thing about what my blog is about because i really don't know what it'll end up being. i like how tony krupicka does his weekly and daily mileage and run details. and i like how devon crosby "stills nash young" helms blogs (including great photos) of all her delicous meals. and i like how alison brings up big heavy topics for everyone to ponder. so i guess i'll try to steal everyone's methods and make them into my blog.

oh and the title comes from King of Kong the documentary on the battle of good vs. evil in the pursuit of the world record in donkey kong. the line comes when the good guy is about to give up and let the bad guys win: steve, the good guy, is talked out of "chumpatizin' himself" by mr awesome. it's the best line in one of the best films i've seen in a long, long time-- you should rent it or buy it (i watched it three times in the theater and a bunch on dvd) check out the movie's website at:

ok everyone hold on tight and don't chumpatize yourself the blogging has begun!


Alison said...

yeeeee haw! now there's really no chumpatizin' cuz everyone will be awaiting your blog entry. the pressure's on. welcome to blogland, babe.

King Arthur said...

There's no going back now James!