Friday, February 12, 2010

my 2010 plans

well so much for no chumpatizin' in 2010... starting off the new year with 2 back-to-back injuries doesn't make for much running but the last 2 runs have been pain free so hopefully i'm over the hump and on the road to full recovery.

i've also been distracted with work, which has included sucessfully putting on another race on orcas island and projects at the bear fight center (some of our work made the cover of the journal science for our discovery of water on the moon, not that i had anyhting to do with that project but i am using the same data for the projects i'm working on which is pretty cool).

i had also been waiting to find out about my hardrock fate(i always have a hard time training consistently when i don't have a goal race and a plan) to make my training schedule for the year. unfortunately i'm now 0 for 6 in the hardrock lottery and got my lowest placement on the waitlist to date(131) so that means i've pretty much zero chance of getting in the race usually the anyone over 50 on the waitlist doesn't have a prayer and #99 is lowest the waitlist has have gone down to and that was pretty much a big fluke. my personal waitlist history goes like this 57, 55, 39, 25, 40, 131. i got in on the day before the race the year i was #39 and about 3 weeks before the race when i was #25 every other year i wasn't even close.(even last year at #40 i was still 15 spots away from getting in!)

anyhow...enough with the excuses! so not all of my plans are set yet but here's a list of what i know and/or hope to do:

volunteer at chuckanut 50k
peterson ridge rumble 30k
volunteer and/or run capitol peak 50k
maybe sunflower trail marathon
maybe direct a new race in may
road marathon in may or early june
maah daah hey tour with the adventure running co
direct sun mountain in june
july in silverton for hardrock volunteering and filmaking and tour guiding
maybe white river or pct 50m
maybe direct a new race in august
maybe go for a speed record or two
maybe wild idaho 50m
maybe leadville 100m or where's waldo 100k
maybe direct a new race in august
direct cle elum
maybe direct a new road marathon in late sept or early oct
guiding the tahoe rim trail tour
plus throw in some big "fun runs" in the north cascades, cascades near st helens, the olympics, the kettle range and some work mapping trails in the gorge, marin headlands, arizona and arkansas. i should be pretty busy this year...

not much certainty in that "plan" but in the next couple weeks i'll start making some decisions. and i'm commiting myself to starting my marathon training(which is just a way to get back in shape for the summer) this weekend(although i don't have a training plan made yet but i've got someone who's gonna help me with that next week.) so no more chumpatizin' for me!