Monday, April 7, 2008

weekly training log 4/7 to 4/13

MON 4/7
no running today. but i did get a great massage from alison which i belive to be a very important part of training!!!

TUE 4/8
literally i ran my errands today. 7 miles 1:20 felt good. i'm getting excited for the race this weekend.(editors note: the race isn't unitl next weekend! we had i written down wrong on the calendar)

WED 4/9
today i did more hiking than running. i first scouted out a portion of the capitol peak 50mile course for down tress and other things that might need attention befoe the race. i ran a 5.5 mile loop and found the snow to be 3-12 inches deep for most of the trail and i found about 20 down tress all bunched together near a road access so i drove back to that point on the loop and then hiked around and got all the trees. i'm guessing my total mileage for the day to be about 8 very slow miles. then later i biked home from downtown to add a little more exercise.

THUR 4/10
out and back on the bike to evergreen to use their computer(mine has been broken all week but should be back on it's feet later today)
thursday nite group run at priest point park

FRI 4/11
alison and i ran the out and back to cooper crest right before hoping in the car to go down to portland for her firend's birthday. i also biked to and from work.

SAT 4/12
22 miles in the gorge(5:30). alison and i ran on pct on the washington side. alison turned around right before the snow which started at about 2000ft and became steady at 2300ish and between there and 3600 got as deep as 3-4 feet in places but it was pretty solid so usally i only sunk in 3-9 inches. it was a beautiful clear warm(almost hot) day definitely the hottest day around here since last summer. on the ridge where i turned around i was able to see mt adams and mt hood which were super close by and mt rainier off in the distance.

SUN 4/13

30 miles on bike with a 3.5 mile run in the middle of it with jim.

48.5 miles 10-11hrs
again not a big week but pretty consistent(ran 6 out of 7 days). legs felt better this week than last but still a little more tired than i would like them to be with so few miles. but the long run on saturday felt good so that's a good sign i guess.


olga said...

Varner, welcome to blogland! Would have never thought you'd start, thouhg you did like to report on the list, so why not? I guess I'll see you a bit at CP50, I should be sweeping.

James said...

can't wait to see you and everyone else at cap peak!