Thursday, May 22, 2008

weekly training log 5/19 to 5/25

run 5 of 7 days
run 2 big days this weekend
do some long downhill pounding

MON 5/19:
day of rest after a monster the day before

TUE 5/20:
alison and i ran nice and easy on chris and dave's wonderful trails in their yard. 3mi 0:40min

WED 5/21:
one beer turned into three real quick at the winthrop brewery!

THUR 5/22: ran an hour with dave and alison around the "yard".

FRI 5/23: short run before work 2 miles 20 minutes.

SAT 5/24: 27.4 miles 6000+ elevation gain up the twisp river trail and the slate and scatter creeks see alison's blog for the whole story. 7hrs

SUN 5/25: 8hrs 26 miles 6000+ ele gain up the wolf creek trail in the lake chelan sawtooth wilderness. i got to nearly the top of gardner mtn turned back at un named peak 8082 instead of making the traverse to the top.

MON 5/26 monday doesn't really count for this week but since it was memorial day weekend and every year i shoot for a huge weekend and i usally start my last minute cramming for hardrock in june i'm going to add it here. 11 hrs 30-33 miles and again 6000 ft of gain. this time i went up the pearrygin creek trail and ridge trail(alison ran with me until just before the peak) then i ran back towards the house on the blue buck trail(the coolest trail i've ran on


~60miles 16 hours
it was a great week and i definitely got all my goals

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