Friday, May 16, 2008

weekly training log 5/12 to 5/18

run 5 of 7 days
~60 miles
have fun in oly before leaving!

MON 5/12
too busy to run

TUE 5/13
too busy to run

WED 5/14
too busy to run

THR 5/15
finally ran, legs felt like they hadn't ran in 4 days, and i went to the fish tale before hand and that upset my stomach while running but by the end of the run i felt great. 4.5 miles with the fabulous olympia trail running group! 0:35 the party afterwards at dave mora's house on the water was a ton o fun! and everyone was so nice... i'll you guys so you beeter come visit!

FRI 5/16 nope!

SAT 5/17 nope!

SUN 5/18
finally a chance to run! alison and i ran from chris and dave's and retraced the route i ran with the cannucks(chris and dave's to davis lake and then along the low ridges to sulivan pond) from there alison took the road back. i took the road further up past the upper trailhead for pearrygin creek to the paerrygin ridge trail head after about 45 mins i hit snow but i kept going another 15min before turning around somewhere near the peak side trail at about 6200ft. from there i headed back down ot the creek trail and ran that down to sulivan pond. it was getting late and i was beat so i just took the road back. the run ended up taking me 8.5 hours for 34 or 35 miles and i did the last 30mins or so in the dark. it was tough and hot and should stoped more often for water but i loved it! winthrop is too cool.

39 miles and 9 hours
totally wiffed on meeting my goals except the having fun part i was a great last week in oly and a great start to life in the north cascades

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