Sunday, May 18, 2008

we made it!!

we are now in winthrop! we got here last night just in time for the sunset. it was a beautiful evening and warm but not too hot. a lot of snow has melted since we were her two weeks ago and a lot of must have happened in the last few days since all of the rivers and creeks are swollen and in some cases running over their banks. i can't wait to see how high we can go now with out hitting snow on the trails. oh and the wildflowers, which were just getting going when were last here, are now in full force.

we'll spend the morning unloading the uhaul into our temporary storage shed. most of our stuff will wait in there for 2 weeks until we move into our place on june 1st. in the meantime we'll be staying with our winthrop guardian angels chris ballard and dave fulford.

it was hard to leave olympia. i was there for nearly six years which is the longest i've lived anywhere since leaving st mary's county where i spent my first 18 years. the people there had become like family. i hope they all come to visit.

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